Harnessing the Magic of Six-Six Breathing

In our crazy, fast-paced lives, it’s crucial to find simple yet effective ways to manage stress and enhance our well-being. That’s where the amazing technique of six-six breathing comes in! Rooted in ancient practices like yoga and meditation, this rhythmic breathing exercise has gained immense popularity for its remarkable benefits for both the mind and […]

Anxiety starts in the mind as a thought

To begin to understand anxiety it is important to understand why it happens and what is actually happening physically within your body. Anxiety or worry is the body’s way of helping, from getting ready to FREEZE, FLEE, FLIGHT or FIGHT a “bear” or some real danger. In response to this the autonomic nervous system produces […]

Building self esteem can change your life in so many ways

Lack of self belief and confidence blocks abundance and happiness and very often leads to frustration, resentment, procrastination, ‘comparisonitis’, jealousy, and lack of motivation. All of these negative feelings towards yourself (low self esteem) and others keeps you stuck in a loop of negative unhelpful thoughts and feelings that prevent you from having all you […]

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